Feel LESS stress, worry, and guilt, and MORE peace, confidence, and contentment

Eons ago I had 3 kids in 3 1/2 years. Life was abuzz. Now I have three 20s doing life on their own. Life is profoundly quiet.

But at one point my life was full of noise and chaos. I didn't know which end was up

As moms, ensuring the health, safety, & well-being of our kids is only one enormous responsibility we have in life. Other roles may include wife, volunteer, career person, caregiver, coach, etc. When so many moving parts vie for our attention, the load can consume us. At any given moment, one or more of these areas can break down and leave us reeling. And if we aren’t careful, the overwhelm can suck the life out of our being and steal our joy.

I’ve been there. When my house was full of littles, my hubs traveled for work. Over time, my exhaustion turned to resentment, which birthed marital strife, which resulted in sleepless nights. During the teen years, the battles over independence left me frazzled, which morphed into eating stress for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which brewed up ulcers in my belly.

What I came to learn the hard way is the value & importance of slowing down. To pause long enough to take a step back & evaluate what’s going on in my soul and focus on what really matters and brings me life—-my family, in all it’s wonder and wonkiness.

I don't know whether you’re in the throes of littles, the sweetness of the elementary years, the drama/heartache of middle school, the push/pull of teenagerland, or staring into the abyss of an empty nest. What I do know is these seasons fly by. Every passing year I'm reminded that right NOW is all that matters. This moment. Good or bad.

Regardless of the stage we’re in, the only way to bend time in our favor is to immerse ourselves in the present. In the messes, joys, trials, celebrations, painful moments, & idyllic experiences.

To experience any of these scenarios means we are still here. Alive and breathing. Blessed.

Although life sneaks up on us, LOVE is a constant. God guarantees us this gift. It's ours for the giving and receiving. Right now. In this moment.

In this course, you will learn 10 practices to help you stop sweating the small stuff so you can stay focused on the beauty and richness of the big picture. All of the practices center around changing your perspective. 

Because when we intentionally change how we view ourselves, our kids, and how we view motherhood in general, the conscious awareness keeps our mom guilt, insecurity, and worry in check so we can feel confident, content, and peaceful… at least on most days. This helps us better connect with our kids and build deep and trusting relationships.

mindful mothering is a course for moms who

  • Wrestle with mom guilt and struggle with feeling like they are not enough

  • Second guess their decisions and worry about the future

  • Feel like they are alone on an island

  • Pretend they have it all together despite feeling lost and overwhelmed

  • Long for better communication and a deeper connection with their kids

  • Have a hard time letting go

this course is based on 26 years of figuring out the mom thing one moment at a time

because even small, intentional shifts in how you approach the many nuances of motherhood can result in sweeping peace and lasting confidence. Here’s a sample of what these mindful practices can do for you: 

  • Mindful Self-Care cultivate a healthy mind and heart so that you can manage the big emotions around motherhood
  • Mindful Self-Compassion reminds you that being perfectly imperfect is enough so that you don't drown in mom guilt
  • Mindful Letting Go provides freedom from fear, worry, and the need to control so that you can trust the process
  • Mindful Vulnerability connecting authentically with others so you don't feel like you are alone on an island
  • Mindful Presence learn to bend time in your favor which reduces anxiety and overwhelm
  • Mindful Allowing finding the resolve to let your kids manage their own struggles so they learn from the heartache and you don't collapse from trying to carry the weight of their world
  • Mindful Observing learning from kids older than your own so that you have a head start on what to expect with your kids down the road
  • Mindful Connection creating an environment to meet your kids where they are at so they feel safe opening up to you
  • Mindful Non-reaction tools to reduce stress and frustration, making room for more joy
  • Mindful Mission creating a family mission statement so that you experience a wholehearted family journey

none of us enjoy second-guessing all of our mothering decisions and we definitely don't function well when we allow mom guilt to weigh us down...

but if we love ourselves the way we love our kids and offer ourselves the grace to learn and evolve right alongside them, then the entire experience of motherhood can be a beautiful and more peaceful journey even amidst the tough stuff we deal with

here's what you get when you say YES to the mindful mothering course...NOW only $19!

(session 8 is FREE preview!)

  • 1

    Hello and Welcome!

    • What We'll Be Chatting About

  • 2

    Before we begin...

    • Before we begin...let me know a bit about your life stage, pain points, desires

  • 3

    Session 1 Getting Real About Your Emotional & Mental Health

    • Getting Real About Your Emotional & Mental Health

    • Session 1 Heart Work - How Do I Feel About Me Today?

  • 5

    Session 3 Holding Your Children Loosely

    • Holding Your Children Loosely

    • Session 3 Heart Work - In What Areas Am I Clinging?

  • 6

    Session 4 Being Okay With Not Being Okay

    • Being Okay With Not Being Okay

    • Session 4 Heart Work - Why Do I Keep Saying I'm Fine When I'm Not?

  • 7

    Session 5 Living in the Now

    • Living in the Now

    • Session 5 Heart Work - Am I Living in the Now?

  • 8

    Session 6 Allowing Your Kids to Hurt, Fail, & Screw Up

    • Allowing Your Kids to Hurt, Fail, & Screw Up

    • Session 6 Heart Work - How Do I Handle My Kid's Struggles?

  • 9

    Session 7 Spending Time With Kids Older Than Yours

    • Spending Time With Kids Older Than Yours

    • Session 7 Heart Work - How Can I Connect With Older Kids

  • 10

    Session 8 Building Trust & Connection Early On

    • Building Trust & Connection Early On

    • Session 8 Heart Work - How Can I Build Trust & Connection?

  • 11

    Session 9 Trying Not to Take Things Personally or Make Assumptions

    • Trying Not to Take Things Personally or Make Assumptions

    • Session 9 Heart Work - Do I Take Things Personally and Make Assumptions?

  • 12

    Session 10 Creating a Family Manifesto

    • Creating a Family Manifesto

    • Session 10 Heart Work - What Would a Family Manifesto Look Like?

  • 13

    Wrap Up

    • Things to Look for Going Forward

  • 14

    BONUS - How Are You Feeling, Momma?

    • You don't need to say, "I'm fine."

  • 15

    BONUS - Cherishing the Little Things That Are Going Right

    • Raising Kids Is an Emotional Marathon

  • 16

    Truth Telling: How was the course?

    • Now that you've finished, how was the course?

  • Kira

    I always find something resonating with me and there is so much comfort in your words. It's like, oh yeah, there really are people like me out there with all these thoughts and feelings and confusion and imperfection, and yet there is light and joy too! You're really a rare gem.

  • Jennifer

    As women, we struggle and become our own worst critics wanting to be perfect and enough for everyone. Shelby, through vulnerability, humor, gentleness, sincerity, and faithfulness led us on a journey toward authenticity.

  • Brittany

    Shelby has a way with words that make you feel like you are chatting with an old friend. She's uplifting, real, and offers insights to young mamas that perhaps they haven't even thought about yet. There is something unique in hearing words from a mama that's "been there!"

  • Diana

    Shelby, through her own life experiences and honesty, made a space that I felt safe to share my own thoughts with women living life just like me. We all seek to be loved and we all feel we fall short, but Shelby reminded me that being perfectly imperfect is all we have to be.

  • Jen

    I appreciate how Shelby was so open with her story and journey. She made me feel comfortable sharing and reflecting on my own experiences from day one.

  • Kimmy

    Shelby modeled the ability to be real and authentic when facing hard things together. I had suppressed deep feelings of being alone down for a long time. The study was a mutual giving that was eye-opening, allowed me to grow on so many levels, and reminded me of the need to love myself and others more.

  • Jami

    Shelby writes the words of every momma’s heart. She is wise and wonderful and her words bring unity and joy.

  • Lisa

    Shelby renews your spirit and rejuvenates your soul, making you want to look deeply to discover your inner beauty & find your best voice.

  • Esther

    Thanks again Shelby. Your heart is kind. You are making such a huge impact all around.

  • Marala

    I have read several of your posts and each time, I came away feeling peaceful and just...well...blessed. Your message really is ageless. I want to thank you for sharing your gift and allowing so many of us to gain from your insights.

  • Marilee

    Shelby, I want you to know, your writing is a blessing! Thanks for being brave enough to share your beautiful thoughts with the world. They matter and truly make a difference.

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5 star rating

Every mom needs this course!

Christine Carter

Shelby Spear is a wise and deeply compassionate mother with well-worn experience, and she has created an INCREDIBLE resource to help moms through their paren...

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Shelby Spear is a wise and deeply compassionate mother with well-worn experience, and she has created an INCREDIBLE resource to help moms through their parenting journey, no matter what age our kids are or what season we are in. Her course will guide you through important steps full of valuable insights and practical advice on parenting and our mental well-being. Shelby has a way of reaching deep into every mom's heart and revealing all the challenges and struggles we face while raising our kids. She is real, she is vulnerable, and everything she shares in each "Practice" helped me grow into a more mindful mom, a healthier person, and wiser woman, too. We all need encouragement and support because motherhood is HARD. This resource she created is a gift every mother needs to have, now more than ever. I've learned so much from her and I know you will too.

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bonuses? heck yeah

more goodies for your mom heart

  • 3 FREE Chapters

    Enjoy the first three chapters of my book, co-authored with my dear friend, Lisa Leshaw, How Are You Feeling, Momma? (You don't need to say, "I'm fine.")

    None of us are immune to feeling afraid, alone, confused, distraught, overwhelmed, depressed, worried, angry, and guilty—among a million other feely things. Yet, so often when someone asks, “How are you feeling?” we respond with, “I’m fine,” when we’re so NOT FINE. We tend to keep these sentiments to ourselves, pretending to have it all together for fear of exposing our weaknesses.

    This book is a sigh of relief as you come to realize you are not alone in how you feel.

  • Bonus Video Lesson

    A little riff on how important it is to celebrate every small victory as it comes and use it as energy to keep pressing forward.

Get Access to the Practices

that can ease doubts, confusion, and insecurity--NOW ONLY $19!

no worries, friend...I've got your back

I'm a mom just like you. I understand there are lots of voices out there competing for our attention by giving advice and sharing opinions about all things motherhood. Knowing this, I've done my best to simply share from the heart my real experiences and pass along the practices that have had the biggest impact on my life.

However, the things I share may not vibe with your way of mothering--and I get that. Which is why I want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase. If you are investing in me, I should deliver the value you are seeking.

So, if after 30 days you decide this course was a flop, no worries. I'll honor a full refund. However, I am passionate about serving moms in ways that inspire and encourage and would love to know how I could better meet your needs. Before you bow out, reach out and let me see if there is a way I can deliver what you are looking for!

frequently asked questions

  • When do I get access to the files and membership area?

    You will receive an email immediately after your purchase, giving you the link to access your membership portal with all of the files and videos.

  • Do I have to complete the course by a certain time?

    Nope. Once you purchase, you have unlimited, lifetime access. ;-)

  • Are you available if I have questions or comments?

    Absolutely! Reach out at any time. I'm here for YOU.

  • What if I decide this isn't for me?

    I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. No worries. BUT, I will also tell you that I'm passionate about serving you the best way I can. Have a suggestion? Let's talk and see if I can customize the product to meet YOUR NEEDS.

I get it. You don't know me. Heck, I didn't know me for more than 30 years! It takes us a long time to find out who we are.

What I can promise you is that I've learned a lot about what works and doesn't work over 26+ years of parenting three kids. "Trial and error is a blast," said no one ever.

You'll get a chance to know me and hear about these learning experiences throughout this course as you listen to me share my heart. I'm all about being vulnerable and authentic in everything I do.

You can trust that I am:

  • sharing the truth about my experiences
  • willing to divulge my less-than moments
  • intent on encouraging & empowering you
  • not interested in shame or judgment
  • very far from perfect and always learning
  • actually putting this stuff into practice
  • a good human (at least on most days, lol)

If you still aren't convinced, head on over to my blog at shelbyspear.com. You can read more about me and all the work I do. Serving moms is my jam. I do that through writing and speaking online, in print, and in person.

I look forward to serving you as well through this course! So, take care of YOU, momma!


Being a mom is h.a.r.d. And that's an understatement. But one thing I've come to trust over 26 years is that doing our best is ENOUGH. We do the best we can until we know better, and then when we know better, we do better. Consider this course my way of sharing what I've learned along the way.